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Feinstein Says Kavanaugh Nomination Must Pause for FBI Investigation

Sept. 23 2018 9:25 PMThis Is the Most Disturbing Paragraph in the New Kavanaugh Story
Sept. 23 2018 3:06 PMIt’s Official: Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Will Testify Thursday Morning
Sept. 23 2018 12:18 PMPoll Shows Opposition to Kavanaugh Grows as More Voters Believe Accuser
Sept. 22 2018 4:22 PMSix Siblings of Republican Congressman Call on Voters to Support His Opponent
Sept. 22 2018 1:11 PMSean Hannity Warns Trump Not to Fire “Anybody” After Rosenstein Report: “It Is All a Setup”
Sept. 22 2018 10:41 AMGunmen Open Fire at Iran Military Parade, Kill at Least 25
Sept. 21 2018 8:18 PMWhat Happens if Trump Fires Rod Rosenstein?
Sept. 21 2018 5:15 PMTheresa May Can’t Win When It Comes to Brexit
Sept. 21 2018 2:07 PMAfter Threatening to Declassify Russian Probe Documents, Trump Says Never Mind
Sept. 21 2018 1:53 PMGOP Scrambles to Escape Wreckage of Plan to Exonerate Kavanaugh by Naming Different Guy as Potential Sex Criminal
Sept. 21 2018 1:30 PMFlorida Police Framed Three Black Men for Burglaries. One of Them Claims the U.S. Won’t Let Him Back in the Country.
Sept. 21 2018 10:09 AMTrump Directly Challenges Kavanaugh’s Accuser: If Attack Was “As Bad As She Says,” She Would’ve Gone to the Police
Sept. 20 2018 7:00 PMReport: Female Students Were Told It Was “Not an Accident” Kavanaugh’s Female Clerks “Looked Like Models”
Sept. 20 2018 3:24 PMGOP Congressman’s Joke About Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegation Demonstrates That He Doesn’t Understand Sexual Assault Allegations or Jokes
Sept. 20 2018 1:03 PMThe Heads of DHS and FEMA Are Bickering Over Commutes and Meeting Attendance
Sept. 23 2018 8:50 PMSecond Woman Alleges Kavanaugh Sexual Misconduct — This Time While He Was in College
Sept. 23 2018 2:13 PMFord Friend Says She Doesn’t Recall Party Where Alleged Kavanaugh Assault Took Place
Sept. 23 2018 11:00 AMWhite House Wants to Deny Green Cards to Immigrants Who Receive Public Benefits
Sept. 22 2018 3:37 PMKavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Reaches Preliminary Agreement to Testify Thursday
Sept. 22 2018 12:29 PMSpokesman for GOP on Kavanaugh Nomination Resigns Amid Questions of Past Harassment Claims
Sept. 22 2018 9:20 AMTrump Vows to “Get Rid” of “Lingering Stench” at Justice Department and FBI
Sept. 21 2018 6:25 PMSo … Who Tattled on Rod Rosenstein to the New York Times?
Sept. 21 2018 2:27 PMRod Rosenstein Offered to Covertly Record Trump, NYT ReportsIn discussions with FBI and DOJ officials, the deputy attorney general raised the possibility of working with the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment, the newspaper’s sources claim.
Sept. 21 2018 2:01 PMDonald Trump May Not Have the Most Advanced Understanding of How Sexual Assault Trauma Works
Sept. 21 2018 1:45 PMMitch McConnell Says That Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed. Should We Believe Him?
Sept. 21 2018 12:48 PMTexas Is Now a “Toss-Up.” Democrats Should Be Excited—but Not Too Excited—About Beto’s Chances Against Ted Cruz.
Sept. 20 2018 7:59 PMMichael Cohen Reportedly Questioned for Hours by Mueller on Trump’s Russia Ties
Sept. 20 2018 4:29 PMKavanaugh Accuser Says in Letter That She Will Testify Next Week if Conditions Are “Fair”
Sept. 20 2018 3:12 PMA New Jersey Sheriff Said Racist Things, and Now the Governor Wants Him Out
Sept. 20 2018 10:59 AMJudiciary Staffer Leading Christine Blasey Ford Investigation Tweets That He Is “Determined” to “Confirm Judge Kavanaugh”