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Michael Cohen Cancels Testimony Before Congress Citing “Ongoing Threats Against His Family” by Trump and Giuliani

Jan. 23 2019 8:06 PMJoe Biden Has a Bipartisanship Problem
Jan. 23 2019 3:43 PMNancy Pelosi Makes It Official: No State of the Union During the Shutdown
Jan. 23 2019 3:09 PMTrump Just Recognized a Venezuelan Opposition Leader as President. Wait, Can He Do That?
Jan. 22 2019 9:16 PMFour Young Men Arrested and Charged in Apparent Terrorist Plot Against Muslim Community in Upstate New York
Jan. 22 2019 4:54 PMThe Shutdown Could Finally End. Or Not.
Jan. 22 2019 11:04 AMSCOTUS Lifts Two Injunctions Against Trump’s Trans Troops Ban—but the Policy Remains Blocked
Jan. 21 2019 6:05 PMStudent at Center of Face-Off With Native American Elder Defends Himself
Jan. 21 2019 3:55 PMTrump’s Social Media Photos Reportedly Altered to Make Him Look Thinner and His Hands Bigger
Jan. 21 2019 10:39 AMGiuliani Says Trump Admits Moscow Project Talks Lasted Until Election Day but Later Backtracks
Jan. 20 2019 5:26 PMPence Likens Trump and His Offer to End Shutdown to Martin Luther King
Jan. 20 2019 1:19 PMNative American Elder Says He Approached MAGA-Clad Teens to Defuse Argument With Black Protesters
Jan. 19 2019 5:59 PMDemocrats Reject Trump Offer to Extend DACA Protections in Exchange for Wall Funding
Jan. 19 2019 3:23 PMThe Best Signs From the 2019 Women’s March
Jan. 19 2019 11:55 AMMueller Team Disputes Aspects of BuzzFeed Report Claiming Trump Told Cohen to Lie
Jan. 18 2019 11:59 AMPelosi Cancels Afghanistan Trip, Claiming Trump Administration Leaked Commercial Travel Plans
Jan. 23 2019 6:47 PMDid Kirstjen Nielsen Lie to Congress about Family Separation? New Evidence Emerges.
Jan. 23 2019 3:36 PMThe MAGA Teen Story Isn’t a Distraction From Real Problems. It Is the Essence of Our Real Problems.
Jan. 23 2019 10:36 AMSouth Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg Enters 2020 Democratic Primary
Jan. 22 2019 6:46 PMKamala Harris Raised a Bernie-esque Boatload From Small Donors in Just One Day
Jan. 22 2019 4:35 PMReport That MAGA Teen Was Invited to White House Appears to Have Been False, Indicating That Perhaps There Is a God
Jan. 22 2019 10:07 AMRudy Giuliani: It “Wouldn’t Be a Crime” if Trump Negotiated Moscow Real Estate Deal During Campaign
Jan. 21 2019 5:11 PMOne in Ten TSA Employees Called Out Sick Over Holiday Weekend Amid Shutdown
Jan. 21 2019 12:44 PMKamala Harris Makes it Official: She’s Running for President
Jan. 20 2019 6:06 PMBuzzFeed Reporter Defends Story as “Solid” and “Accurate” Despite Pushback From Mueller
Jan. 20 2019 2:30 PMGiuliani Acknowledges Trump May Have Talked to Cohen About Testimony: “So What?”
Jan. 20 2019 11:09 AMTrump Cites Winter Storms to Once Again Suggest Global Warming Isn’t Real
Jan. 19 2019 4:50 PMVideo Shows MAGA-Clad Teenagers Harassing, Mocking Native American Vietnam Vet
Jan. 19 2019 1:02 PMPipeline Explosion Kills at Least 66 in Mexico
Jan. 19 2019 9:02 AMA Reminder That Two Southern States Still Celebrate Robert E. Lee’s Birthday on MLK Day
Jan. 18 2019 11:45 AMIt Took Trump’s Representatives Fourteen Hours to Deny That He Told Michael Cohen to Lie to Congress